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Hi, I'm Samantha Green and I'd like to welcome you to my Web Site, How to Mediate. If there's one thing I've discovered over the years both as a practicing attorney and mom, it's how to find the common ground. Whether it's my kids arguing about nothing, or whether it's a large multinational corporation trying to settle anti-trust charges, the key is to try to find a middle ground; one where both parties win. And that's where mediation comes into play. Mediation leads to compromise and compromise leads to happiness. I'll fill this site with useful information to help you become a better mediator and lead you on the path to happiness. Thanks for stopping my and enjoy your stay.

Conflict Mediation Services

What is conflict mediation?
Conflict mediation is an alternative dispute resolution. Instead of going through lengthy and costly court trials to settle a case, conflict mediation facilitates a resolution that results in a legal agreement contract that has to be signed by the parties involved. Conflict mediation encourages healthy communication between the parties involved. Since they have no personal interest involved, mediators stay neutral and unbiased. This open-minded role and approach allows the mediator to gain the trust and respect of the parties.

What kinds of problems can conflict mediation find a resolution for?
There are different areas where there can be conflict, the most common being in the home and in the workplace or organization. If any of your conflict falls under any category listed below you may call for a conflict mediator:

Divorce, separation, child custody, care for the elderly, communication in the home and parenting issues.

Land properties, estate issues, downsizing property, rent payments and finance management.

-Teenagers and children:
Classroom behavior, poor school performance, struggling teens and coping up with divorce.

-Business and workplace:
Business agreements, employee performance, contract issues, quality issues, personnel disputes and other work related conflicts.

Why should you consider choosing conflict mediation services?
Conflict meditation offers a lot of advantages over court settlements, which include:

-Conflict mediation is convenient. You can hold your meetings, wherever and whenever you prefer. The mediator works around the parties’ schedules.

-Conflict mediation allows for more confidentiality. In most cases where a conflict mediator is called in, the matter is only discussed between the clients and the mediator. Also, the discussions during conflict mediation remain private and they cannot be used for or against anyone in court, if ever a court case is necessary.

-Conflict mediation is not as costly as paying for attorneys and legal fees.

-In conflict mediation, problems are usually solved faster. Cases take a relatively lesser time to be resolved compared to cases solved in court. This is because there is no judge or jury involved in the decision making process. What is good about conflict mediation is that the clients have more control on creating solutions that would be mutual and will benefit everyone.

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